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Teachers and Students



Many people think that the educational process is only teaching and learning inside the classroom. It means that there is no room for anything except for education. Classroom is known for most people as a room for only teaching and learning. That’s why the outcomes are not to the expected extent.

Many students are now suffering from the way they are dealt with concerning their outcomes and results. In my opinion, students need to be treated as sons before being students. For me, all students are my sons. I am not exaggerating, but this is reality, and this is the way I deal with and treat my students. That is why all of them love me and always wait for my classes. I always listen to them and always give them positive energy. They should always be encouraged and praised in order not to feel bored of the learning and educational process.

        One of the situations that I cannot forget is that when I was going to leave my class as time was out, one of students told me that he loves my class and does not want it to finish. I asked him why? He answered that you have the best way of teaching. He is still 11 years and his level is low in English. However, this year he starts to like English. Most teachers always complain about him and his hyperreaction, but I do not agree with them. He just needs to be treated in a special way that enables him to like the subject even it is difficult. He does not need to be treated in a harsh or tough way. Instead, he needs to find some kindness and nice feelings from his teachers.

Teacher is not just only a teacher whose job is only to teach and give instructions that students must obey and carry out at once. Otherwise, they will be punished. This is not true. I do not agree with such a false idea. Teacher is a father and a psychologist before being a teacher. In other words, teacher should be closer to his students. He should know their likes and dislikes. He should be aware of their personalities. There should not be a big gab between him and his students. For me, I know most of the problems my students have, and I always try to solve them. One day,  while I was explaining one of my lessons form my students, I found one of my students away from my lesson and thinking of something else. I came closer to him and askes him “what’s wrong with you, Yosef?” “nothing” He replied. I waited till the class finishes an then went for him again and repeated the same question in different ways till I got an answer from him. He said that he had a problem with his father who does not talk with him anymore. I immediately promised him to solve his problem and I called his parents and discussed the problem with them. They liked the idea of teacher trying to help his students solve their problems even with their parents. They were so cooperative. His problem was actually solved and this had a very good effect on him later. He felt grateful to me and he became closer and closer to me to and returns again to be more interested in studying and paying more attention to his teachers

To conclude, this is not the end of my articles and writings as there is going to be a series of the relationship between teachers and students. For the next article, I am going to write about much more actual situations between me and my students that developed my relationship with them to a greater extent.

Written by : MR/AHMED RABEE

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